Yale Art Gallery To Be Honored As Promise Champion

With the acknowledgement that in the inspiring words of Maya Angelou, “Nobody, but nobody, can make it out here alone,” New Haven Promise is proud to announce the establishment of the Champion Award, which will now be annually given to an individual or organization that has provided a significant and meaningful contribution to Promise Scholars and to the growth of New Haven Promise.

champion-sideThe first recipient of the Champion Award is the Yale University Art Gallery, which is a leading partner in the development of Promise Scholars, particularly in the expansion of its paid internship program. Year after year, the Art Gallery has hosting an increasing number of interns, Scholars and non-scholars.

“In our pilot year of the program the Art Gallery hosted a quarter of total Scholar interns,” said Promise President Patricia Melton. “That truly laid the groundwork for other divisions, departments and organizations to come aboard and open up important opportunities to our Scholars. We will be forever thankful.”

The Yale University Art Gallery, founded in 1832, is home to an impressive collection of art that spans a diverse array of cultures and time periods. It is also home to a broad number of educational programs that services a large population of students, families and residents.

And the partnership with New Haven Promise has been deeper than hiring. The Gallery has also hosted Promise initiatives, including the PromiseNet 2014 Reception and the first-ever Promise internship fair in January 2014.

Because of their commitment to the growth of Promise and to the opportunities that it has provided to Scholars, New Haven Promise will officially recognize the Yale University Art Gallery at the 2016 Scholar Celebration, which will take place this Thursday (August 11) at the Lyman Center for Performing Arts on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University.

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