What about other hardworking students?

Patricia Melton

Promise Executive Director Patricia Melton

The question that has been presented to me the most since I took over as the Executive Director of New Haven Promise has been — “But what about the others who don’t quite qualify?”

I’ve heard it and I’ve felt it. But until today, I couldn’t really answer it with satisfaction.

Today, with the announcement of Promise Passport, I can say that if students demonstrate commitment, perseverance and passion, there is an opportunity.

Lousy grades as a transitional freshman won’t be the end. A year of academic struggle because of family strife won’t disqualify.

We are looking for the students who are trending positively, even if their grade-point average leaves them a bit shy of the NHP requirement.

We believe that a trending student will meet with college success. And if they are selected and can prove us right that first year, they will join the New Haven Promise Scholars and have access to the full benefits of the program.

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