Transforming An Urban School System

Promise-Graphic-web-smallBoth New Haven Promise and School Change reforms are making progress towards their goals, according to an independent study conducted by the RAND Corporation. Dr. Gabriella C. Gonzalez, a RAND sociologist, presented the near-term findings of “Transforming an Urban School System” to an audience of interested stakeholders and community members Tuesday at the Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School in downtown New Haven.

Patricia Melton, executive director of New Haven Promise said, “The collaborative efforts that came together five years ago were designed to improve outcomes for the students and families of New Haven.”

Funded by The Peter & Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, the study’s early indicators show dropout rates declined in the district while attendance rates rose steadily and school climate improved. A stronger college-going culture is being cultivated in New Haven, the RAND study found.

“New Haven has earned a growing national reputation for its School Change initiative while New Haven Promise delivers on its mission to help more and more city students pursue post-secondary education,” Mayor Toni N. Harp said. “This is consistent with an obligation I believe we share to give the next generation every opportunity for success – I look forward to continuing our progress in this regard.”

The RAND study found opportunities for improvement remain. “The RAND report illustrates the progress we are making toward our goals and the challenges that lie ahead. I thank our key partners in this important work and look forward to continued collaboration on behalf of students,” said Garth Harries, superintendent of New Haven Schools.

Please click on the infographic on the right to learn more about the results of New Haven Promise.

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