Pursuing a Passion Abroad

It has always been my dream to come back to Barcelona after visiting for the first time in 2017. Right after graduation, I focused on gaining work experience and concluded that the career path in Communications which entails public relations and digital media was a good fit for me. This led me to make the decision to come to Barcelona to complete my master’s in Communications Management with a specific concentration in social media strategies.

It makes me feel very grateful when I reflect on how this became possible for me and the opportunities that were presented to me in my journey to gain experience, save up, and eventually afford graduate school abroad. New Haven Promise provided me access to meet open arms individuals at Yale, in which I had the opportunity to work with and obtain employment for some time in the web development and digital marketing field.

The work experience I gained at Yale and at my recent employer Christian Community Action, allowed me to identify my strengths, talents, areas of improvement, but most importantly my path and passion in life. I learned that creativity, building relationships, staying socially active in person and in the digital world, and serving my community are aspects that make my life feel purposeful. I plan to become a PR consultant and apply my knowledge and skills to work with start-up companies and nonprofit organizations to help them have a stronger presence online and grow in the digital world we live in. 

Being abroad so far has been an amazing learning experience, I have met locals and people from my program that are from different parts of the world, and seeing the world through their eyes has made me appreciate a lot of things that we have at home and question many as well. In my master’s program, I am learning how the business culture of a country influences companies’ business operations and how companies collaborate internationally. In terms of my new environment, Barcelona city lifestyle has helped me discover a city girl inside me I didn’t know existed. I am excited to continue to explore the city, learn about the culture, learn more about how we can all connect in this new digital era. 

My best advice to students that want to study abroad is to just do it if it’s something they truly want. It is an experience that comes with enlightening moments and also challenges such as culture shocks, but it balances out. Come ready to experience a different environment and be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. Studying abroad is the most daring experience I ever embarked on and I know it will be a discovery phase in my life that I will never forget.

– Alejandra Rodriguez SCSU ’16

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