Promise Application To Open Jan. 1

fb-nhp-logoAttention Class of 2015, your opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the New Haven Promise scholarship begins a month from today as the full senior application will be available online starting on Jan. 1.

“It makes sense for us to open the scholar application in conjunction with the Free Application for Financial Student Aid,” said Patricia Melton, the Executive Director of New Haven Promise. “It serves as a reminder that Promise and FAFSA go hand-in-hand to make college affordable.”

Last year, the first time that New Haven students qualified for the full Promise benefit, the average scholarship recipient heading to an in-state public institution had tuition and fees completely covered by Promise and federal aid. While the New Haven Promise application process will remain open until April 30, 2015, students are urged to fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible as the federal aid is disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Jan. 1, both the Promise and Passport To Promise applications will be available. Here are the requirements of the scholarships.

All students — from sixth graders through seniors — are urged to fill out the required online New Haven Promise pledge now. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. That form — which requires a parental sign-off — formally begins the student relationship with New Haven Promise and allows Promise to become a partner with the school systems in preparation for the full application and the college-going process.

7 thoughts on “Promise Application To Open Jan. 1

  1. the more information that I can have the better – i currently have one child in Career as a senior and one in 8th grade. please let me know the steps I need t take in getting my senior ready for college and what the Promise Program can assist with.

    • Hi Tammy,

      In order to qualify for the Promise Scholarship, students must:

      1. live in the City of New Haven for at least the entire duration of high school
      2. attend NHPS schools, Amistad or Common Ground for the entire duration of high school
      3. graduate high school with at least a 3.0 GPA
      4. miss no more than 72 days of school (whether excused or not)
      5. complete 40 hours of community service verified by a HS guidance counselor

      The stipulations for the Passport to Promise are the same, except for a 2.5 minimum GPA. That is a competitive scholarship which also requires a letter of recommendation and a personal essay.

  2. My daughter is currently an 8th grader at Hamden Middle School , but plans on going to high school in New Haven is she still eligible for this program.

    • Hi Cherice,

      Your daughter must both attend an approved high school (NHPS, Amistad or Common Ground) and reside in the City of New Haven to be considered. If school records indicate that she does that, she then needs to make sure she has a 3.0 GPA, no more than 72 absences and 40 hours of verifiable community service (through her guidance counselor).

      Best wishes!

  3. why does my child get to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity??She has been in new haven public school since grade 5 and currently in the 11th with a gpa of 4.16. Is their any way I can get any type of help for her for college.

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