The Promise that supports a growing city

Between great shows at the Shubert and Yale Repertory Theater, fantastic dining, and nationally-renowned school reform efforts, it’s no wonder so many people choose to live in New Haven. New Haven has the enviable position of being the fastest-growing city in New England as the population has increased five percent between 2000 and 2010 according to US Census Data. In raw numbers, New Haven added an additional 6,153 persons in ten years. New Haven’s growth is expected to continue, up to 154,737 people in 2025 from 129,779 today, (a remarkable growth rate of 7.5 percent). Growth at this rate demands a city with an educated populous and stable housing.

That’s where New Haven Promise is more than just a scholarship. By cultivating an educated and talented workforce capable of earning more money to buy and own homes, Promise is helping stabilize and support the housing market and improving home ownership rates in the City of New Haven.

Owner-occupied housing in the City of New Haven hovers around 30% annually, due in part to a large transient population of college students and young people. But Promise is working with the City of New Haven to increase this rate over generations. Our friends at the Livable Cities Initiative have more information and big ideas.

As people continue to move to New Haven to build their lives, more families are finding New Haven an excellent place to raise children and invest in a home thanks to a vibrant city and the Promise of a college education for everyone.