Developing the City of New Haven

The City of New Haven is the proud home of more than 8,000 businesses, all of which are employing tens of thousands. But as New Haven grows, employers are increasingly demanding a smarter, more flexible, and more robust workforce to do specialized work.

New Haven Promise is working to strengthen New Haven public schools, prepare students for college, support them in their higher education endeavors, and give them a reason to come back home. Promise is a great reason to start a family in New Haven, from young people returning from college and building their lives to movers from anywhere across the globe.

Unlike neighboring cities and towns, young families of New Haven are guaranteed the promise of up to full college tuition at any in-state public college or university, regardless of the cost of tuition now or in the future.

And as more students get off the streets and into the classroom, crime rates plummet and the cost of incarceration to tax payers decreases. Even a one percent increase in the number of young people going to college means more than 100 fewer inmates per 100,000 people in state correctional facilities. If college-attendance rates increase just five percent, incarceration rates decrease 26%, or about 659 fewer prisoners per 100,000 people.

Promise is developing more than just young minds, we’re developing an economy and foundation for a world-class city.