New Haven Promise: Partnership is the support system provided by New Haven Promise for New Haven Public School (NHPS) students, parents and guardians. The Partnership will help ensure that  all NHPS students who meet the residency requirement and want to receive a Promise scholarship will be able to do so.

The Partnership has two core components, a school-based program and a community-based program, designed to ignite a college-going culture. Together, these two core components create one of the first comprehensive preK-12 and community college-going programs in the nation.

In the elementary and middle schools, NHPS has launched “Pathway to Promise: A Yearlong Journey Toward Your Future Success,” which consists of goals, key milestones and curricular activities designed to cultivate an aspiration for college education starting at a young age.

In the high schools, NHPS is expanding its work with College Summit, a national nonprofit whose program has already proved successful through pilot initiatives in the District. College Summit will be phased in to all NHPS high schools by the 2013-2014 school year. Pathway to Promise is a feeder program to College Summit.  With each program, teachers and schools have the latitude to implement the curriculum in the best way they see fit. Both Pathway to Promise and College Summit focus  on five core understandings: self-advocacy, academic excellence, college-career connection, college 101 and financial awareness.

Complementing the work happening in the schools Promise has launched CollegeCorps, an  innovative community-based volunteer program. CollegeCorps volunteers will engage parents directly, one-on-one where they are—in their homes—to talk to parents about New Haven Promise, how the scholarship can support their child(ren)’s post-secondary education and distribute parent kits.