New Haven: Delivering on The Promise

In 2010 we did something that hadn’t been done before in Connecticut. We launched New Haven Promise, a visionary scholarship and support program for New Haven public school students.

Promise has three goals:

  1. Cultivate an aspiration for college education in New Haven public school students.
  2. Build community and parental engagement.
  3. Promote economic development in the City of New Haven.

Promise is igniting an increase in graduation rates, quality of life, homeownership and a culture of college and career readiness. Promise is a catalyst for reducing high school dropouts, crime, and incarceration. We have high expectations and hopes for our young people and our City. We’re here to help motivate young people and their families so they can succeed.

It’s our community’s responsibility to raise the capabilities of New Haven’s youth to think critically, be creative, display patience and perseverance, perform under pressure, and work efficiently as a group. As a Promise city we’re making a statement to our young people that as our future, we believe in them.