New Haven Promise Releases Graduation Rates; Announces Its “Strive For 75”

In the video above, New Haven Promise President Patricia Melton addresses the release of student graduation data and announces the initiative to improve upon the rates that are already impressive.

Here is a collection of some of the data that today’s report revealed:

• Of those who were funded by the Promise scholarship — which now represents about a third of the resident public school students — 88 percent attended a four-year college.

• All of the first four four-year college cohorts exceeded (or are expected to exceed, in the case of 2014) a graduation rate above 65 percent.

• More than 60 percent of those who earned four-year degrees did so within four years of graduating from high school.

• African-American students, who comprise nearly half of the students who attended four-year colleges, graduated at a rate of 64 percent — more than 20 points higher than national average (39.7%).

• More than half of the Hispanic students who attended a community college on a Promise scholarship earned either an Associates or Bachelors degree.

• Students from the lowest household income band (under $30,000) — the largest segment of Promise scholars — graduated at a rate of 63 percent.

• Seventy percent of the Scholars who enrolled at a four-year institution were first-generation to college and that group graduated at 63 percent.

• Students attending in-state four-year public universities graduated at a higher rate (68.8%) than those who attended private institutions (65.0%).

• In terms of the college graduation rates, New Haven Academy led the way among the high schools with a rate of 96 percent, followed by Hill Career Regional (80.2%). Wilbur Cross has provided the most number of bachelor’s degrees (75).

• The neighborhoods targeted by the Yale Community Hiring Initiative — in an effort to address particular persistent economic challenges — produced nearly half of the bachelor’s degrees as those students graduated at a higher rate (69.0%) than those from non-target neighborhoods (65.5%).

For the full report, which was released at the inaugural Promise Institute Moneyball Summit at the Yale University School of Management on Friday, June 21, is available here.

Here is a link to the coverage provided by NBC Connecticut.

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