More Than 300 Qualify For Promise

The most meaningful measure of the impact of the New Haven Promise Scholarship is simple. How many students qualify? And the new standard for those who met the requirements is now 307.

“When New Haven Promise launched in 2010, some thought the requirements were prohibitive,” said Promise President Patricia Melton. “But one of the primary goals of the program was to inspire students to reach higher academically. Obviously, they can and, clearly, they have.”

program-cover-2016And while the number of qualifiers has grown by 50 percent in the last two years, the cohort has also expanded in other ways. This year’s group has hit new records for average cumulative grade-point average (3.65) and average service hours performed (88). Those hours are more than twice the Promise requirement of 40.

The qualifiers continue to come from each part of the city with the Hill (38) and Fair Haven (35) neighborhoods leading the way. About 80 percent of the qualifiers from those two neighborhoods will be attending an in-state partner school and activating their scholarship in the next month.

Wilbur Cross High had an enormous year with a single-school record 75 seniors meeting the requirements in 2016. Hillhouse was second with 53, but Co-Op was a close third with 46.

“The percentages have not changed dramatically,” said Melton. “About three-quarters of the new Scholars are looking to be the first generation students in their families to graduate from college. The vast majority qualify for need-based federal aid and more than 40 percent come from households with less than $30,000 of annual income. About five of six Scholars are minorities. The recipients mirror the school district’s demographics.”

The Class of 2016 will be celebrated at the annual Scholar Celebration at the Lyman Center on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University on Thursday, August 11th, beginning at 7 pm.

Click here for a complete list of the qualifiers.

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