Meet 2011 Cross graduate Adisa John

Adisa John — a member of the first class of New Haven Promise scholars back in 2011 — has a lot of advice for the Class of 2013, which will soon produce the biggest NHP class yet.

At an INROADS gathering for Promise scholars at the Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology this winter, she stressed the importance of time management, engagement with professors and teamwork for a successful transition to college and beyond.

Born in Dominica and now a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University, Adisa is quick to advise “don’t think you can figure it out on your own.” Time management dictates that students need to understand the value of professors’ “office hours,” where they can often find direction. And working with classmates can be another way to come to understanding. “Teamwork always helps,” Adisa adds.

Adisa John

Adisa John (right) learns the power of the handshake with fellow Wilbur Cross High graduate Kristina Dortche (left) at CONNCat. Adisa is a sophomore at Southern Connecticut and Kristina is a sophomore at UConn. Photo courtesy Chris Volpe Image

A social work major committed to helping those in her community, Adisa has also come to understand the value of setting when trying to study. “I never study in the dorms,” she says. “Too many big distractions.”

The Wilbur Cross High graduate understands her unique place as a member of the first NHP cohort and looks forward to see its impact on others as well as the community. “The NHP scholarship has kept me focused,” she says.

And that focus is allowing her to lead the way.

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  1. Adisa is a class act all the way!! She was my student at Cross and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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