Letters of Recommendation

When you’re applying to college you’ll probably be asked to provide at least a couple of letter of recommendations with your application. Here a few quick tips on how to ask for a letter of recommendation:

  • You’ll want to ask a teacher, administrator, or coach at least 5-6 weeks in advance. They’re busy people and they may get many requests for letters, so give them some time to prepare.
  • Plan on mailing your application, letters and all, no later than January 1.
  • Make sure you ask someone who knows you and your work well.
  • Either write a letter or draft an email to your teacher asking for their recommendation. We have a template you can download to help.
  • They may decline to write you a letter of recommendation, and that’s okay. They may have too many to write, be too busy, or they may just not know you well enough to adequately write something about you. Regardless, it’s probably in your best interest they declined so you can ask someone who can write a more apt letter.
  • After you’ve received your letter of recommendation, make sure to send a thank you note afterwards.

Make sure you type your letter. To help, you can download this Word template to prompt you.

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