Inspiring Artists through Entrepreneurship

Hi Promise Scholars, I’m Jeff Dobbs and I am a 3D Motion Designer. I have been designing for over five years, bringing my passion for solving creative problems to all of my work. Currently, I am the founder of JD Visuals, a design studio based in Connecticut that specializes in 3D animation, product visualization, and graphic design. We strive to create stunning content for our clients so they can elevate their brands and bring their company’s vision to life.

Recently, we’ve finished an awesome project for Tiger Melon Hard Seltzer where we developed larger-than-life animations promoting the brand. Feel free to check out our case study for an in-depth look at how we developed product visualization for print, Instagram, and TV advertising through 3D Motion Graphics. As a creative entrepreneur, I love immersing myself in my craft and business skills to share what I’ve learned with others.

I aspire to serve my purpose of becoming a resource and mentor in my community and inspire other young artists who grow up having the same dream as me, with a need of how to nurture those dreams. I love connecting with others, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about my work and experience!

– Jeff Dobbs UConn ’20

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  1. Hello Jeff, I’m a parent and my child is interesting in motion of some type and I would like to get more information on what this is. I would love to be able to talk with my child more about this with me having a better understanding of what it is and how far it can take my child career wise and also to better support them. Is there a college that best teaches in this specific major (motion)?

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for reaching out, Motion Design is multi-faced so there are a lot of potential careers and interests within the field. Motion Design is basically graphic design and video production mixed together through animation. A great resource to learn more are websites like School of Motion or Motion Design School. Here’s a link to a free course on School of Motion called “The Path to Mograph” where they explain the aspects of Motion design and can help find what interests your child the most.

    Speaking from my experience, studying at the University of Connecticut within the Digital Media and Design Program, there are multiple majors that can be of interest. To name a few concentrations in the program: Motion Design & Animation, 3D Animation, Web/Interactive, Game Design, Digital Media Business Strategies, Digital Culture, Video Production. Here’s the website to learn more.

    I concentrated in 3D Animation within the program for my love for 3D Design. The program helped a lot by giving me a foundation for my 3D career and many of the principles I’ve learned, which I continue to use today. Once your child finds what they like, the possibilities are endless and their passion to learn and grow will determine how far they will go. The biggest advice I can give is, that if your child loves designing, be open to the possibilities because there are multiple avenues it can take them. There are a ton of resources to help and I would be happy to help any way I can! Feel free to email me anytime at

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