Future Project

If you walk into a classroom of New Haven high school students and ask, “What’s the future?”, what kind of response do you get? Below are responses from students when asked what the future means, where they see themselves in ten years, and about what matters to them:

The future is something in the future. I would hope that I would have enough to support my family.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
What matters most to me is finding myself a job and making a living for myself. In 10 years I see myself working as a sound engineer and working with people who are big in the music industry.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Having some money and becoming successful.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is the going to college and becoming a nurse.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
To me, all of the following: (college, careers, athletics, friends, and family) all matter to me. In this generation, the future is all about having money, being successful by having a good career and, being happy. In ten years, I see myself being a successful aerospace engineer with a happy family.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Architecture/Sports- HS Freshman, ESUMS
A lot of things matter to me especially family but I think the future is what you make it in the present. I see myself studying history abroad in Europe.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
I see myself becoming a doctor or nurse. Right now I’m not sure of a specific type. But right now I’m trying to pick up as much stuff as I can from school that will lead to my future career. My back up plan or second option would be becoming a video game designer. I’m interested in 3D modeling and working on right now how to create a website and editing video clips.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
When I go to college I would like to major in psychology and minor in law, my dream since I was younger was to be a fashion designer but its not likely that would happen. I would like to be able to help people with the problems they go through, so when I get older I would want to be a therapist and then open a shelter for homeless people and then help them get back on their feet. Find a job, etc.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is the change you go through in your life and its the future is the work you put into your life that is what I believe what the future is.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is indescribable because we really don’t know what it includes. What would matter to me the most in the future is education, a career, and stabilization. The future is all about how you as in individual succeeded in life and what you’ve done to obtain your personal goals. In 10 years I see myself as a writer and a bachelors in physiology. I would want a education and a job to where I’m stable and I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone else.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is the unknown, the future is the predicted. In the future I want to go to college because going up college was always enforced on me and I always loved school and if I do go college and graduate I’d feel my family would be proud of me. I see myself in 10 successful- HS Freshman, ESUMS
In 10 years I see myself being a professional athlete after graduating from UCONN.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
I mostly see the future as the place where you look at where you are then and what exactly got you there in the process. I see myself becoming a lawyer for my mother because that’s what see wanted to be as a child. Then when I look back on it I see my 4 years at debate season.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is what will happen when time goes by. Sometimes you can control your future by trying to find your next move in life.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is the unknown. It’s what we look forward to like college education and promptly a job.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
To me, careers and money are vital in life. The future in my definition is about being successful by being fully independent meaning that you don’t have to depend on nobody but yourself and live well or seeing what your progress is now and seeing how it impacts your future world. I see myself having a career in something realistic like an entertainment lawyer, a psychiatrist, or a biomedical engineer. A secondary job I’d see myself doing is modeling, a makeup artists, a video game designer, artists, culinary artists, or a video game tester.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Everything matters to me. Like going to college, my family, and my basketball career. But mostly basketball is the biggest thing I care about. I know that now I might not be that NBA star and that the future is all about technology. I see myself playing some type of basketball and have a good stem job in 10 years.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Pilot- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Becoming the first pro football playing neurologist. Taking care of my family.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
My career to me is most important because it makes my future. The future to me is mostly technology filled and engineering. In ten years i see myself alive and working with Microsoft as a video game engineer who makes the cartoon animations.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
In the future, I would see myself in the engineering or medical field. With training in my track career, I would want to see myself at the Olympics of the year 2016 or 2020.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
In ten years, I see myself in a nice home with my girlfriend/wife after graduating from college, I’ll also be taking good care of my parents because they took such good care of me.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
Being a Police Officer and working to protect the community in New Haven.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
I see myself in the navy seals.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future is full of opportunities. The future is where people make decisions and life changes. The future is the second right before the last. That is why you have to cherish every second, because the future is what you’re living.- HS Freshman, ESUMS
The future to me is going to college for a sound or audio engineering degree. This helps me to reach my dream as a lyricist and music producer.- HS Freshman, ESUMS