Another Promise Record

The New Haven Promise registration season for the Class of 2016 has closed with a record 574 applicants from 14 high schools. This marks the fourth straight year that Promise has received a record number of sign ups. Additionally, 143 students applied for Passport To Promise, a competitive second-chance scholarship opportunity established in 2013.

“Every year the bar goes up,” said New Haven Promise President Patricia Melton. “Promise gets fantastic cooperation from the city’s guidance counselors, the district’s staff, College Summit’s peer leaders and all those who follow us on social media and help share information and deadlines with the seniors.”

For the second year in a row, Wilbur Cross High had two more applicants (122) than Hillhouse High (120) to take the top spot. Cooperative Arts & Humanities High was a distant third with 75 registrants. Metropolitan Business Academy had the greatest increase, a 67-percent leap from 30 to 50.

The previous record number of applications came last year as 535 students filled out the online form. That group yielded a huge number of qualifiers, 253 in all.

The next step for the Class of 2016 is to finish off the required service hours, continue to shine academically and miss as few days as possible. At the end of the school year, New Haven Promise, New Haven Public Schools, Achievement First and Common Ground High will pore through records to determine the new cohort of Promise Scholars. Applicants should expect to receive notification of their status around the Fourth of July holiday.

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