A Promising Future for Amber Green

The colorfully-named Amber Green has years to go before she can claim her Promise, but  rest assured, the soon-to-be freshman at Hillhouse High is going to be a New Haven Promise Scholar.

An eighth grader at the Troup School, the talented singer and musician will likely march right on to the band at Hillhouse, but her mind is already on her studies. And she is keeping her expectations sky high. “I’m not planning on getting any Bs,” Amber said. “That’s my expectation — As. I shoot for As and higher. No A-minuses.”

Having been in the New Haven Public School system and lived in the City her whole life means that when she meets her expectations, she will be a Promise Scholar in the Class of 2017 and look to follow her brother’s footsteps at an in-state college. Justin is a sophomore music major at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. An older brother, Jameson, is enrolled as a senior at the School of Visual Art in Lower Manhattan.

Amber and Tamra Green

Amber Green, left, laughs as mom Tamra, right, beams with pride about her daughter. Tamra and her husband Ronald have two older sons in college.

“Amber learns a lot from her brothers and is looking forward to college because of what she learns from them,” said her mother Tamra. “I’m very proud of her because she pushes herself and she pushes me to push her.” Tamra and her husband, Ronald, have emphasized education for all their children.

“I’m very proud of her because she pushes herself and she pushes me to push her.”

Amber hasn’t settled on an academic path, though she currently favors writing. Yet she is quick to admit she has a number of ‘fallback’ plans, which include everything from medicine to fashion design to culinary arts.

There is plenty of time for her to figure that out, but she is certainly further along than many given the Troup School’s emphasis on college, which includes a monthly ‘college day.’

“To be in Troup School, you have to know about New Haven Promise,” Amber says.

Band as a way of life

As Amber begins her high school career, she’s carefully chosen a school that has a band, an activity she says is very important to her and her school experience. Here, Amber plays a short bit on the trumpet:

6 thoughts on “A Promising Future for Amber Green

  1. This is an incredible story. This young lady is focused and has a bright future ahead
    of her. I am proud of her mother and siblings who have been role models for her.

    God Bless

  2. Amber is developing into a very focused, intelligent and beautiful young lady. Amber is part of a two-parent household. Amber’s father, Ronald, and Tamra have been married for nearly 25 years. They have some gifted children. May their gifts guide them to fully rewarding and giving lives. New Haven Promise is a good program. Amber is definitely Ivy League potential as well.

  3. Amber will be a New Haven Promise both academically and socially in the impending future-thank you for interviewing her at Augusta Lewis Troup-Amber will be some day be a Condolenza Rice!!! She has that talent, academics, social, and cultural skills! GO Amber! Thanks also, for parents that advocate for her too!

  4. It’s fresh air when I hear of all the “promise” our youth have in the city of New Haven. Kudos to Amber and all the other Ambers in our city!

  5. I am very happy for my cousin Amber. I am glad that she is pushing herself to be the best. I hope to be like her some day.

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