Promise Internship Opportunities — Summer 2015

intern-isaacThe published timeline has adjusted by two weeks because of weather delays, but there are definitely actions that you can take. For starters, please complete your STARS profile right away (instructions are provided below, if needed). Resumes and cover letters may be uploaded to your STARS profile.

Read and review the posted job descriptions that are available (those with active links) and stay tuned for the remaining descriptions (inactive links). Hiring managers — who have access to all resumes of eligible scholars — will select scholars and contact them for interviews over the next two to five weeks. Send your questions to New Haven Promise.

Below are links to summer internships available exclusively to registered and eligible New Haven Promise Scholars. Organizations and departments which are not yet linked will have postings soon.

College Summit Connecticut
Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology (ConnCAT)
Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program
Neighborhood Music School
New Haven Promise
Peabody Museum
Teach For America
Yale Art Gallery
Yale Athletics
Yale Center for British Art
Yale Community Rowing Program
Yale Environmental Health & Safety
Yale Financial Planning & Analysis
Yale Information Technology
Yale Internal Medicine
Yale Medical Group
Yale Morse Academy
Yale Police Department
Yale School of Management
Yale School of Medicine Web Group

Your STARS Profile

Please read these instructions thoroughly before attempting to complete the Yale STARS profile. For all Yale internships, Scholars must complete a STARS profile.

1. Create New Account if you do not have a STARS profile. If you already have a STARS profile, login and update your information.

2. Read authorization (see bottom of page) and confirm. Note that this obligates you to provide ACCURATE information. FALSE OR INACCURATE INFORMATION WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FROM CONSIDERATION.

3. Refer to your resume to extract information to complete the STARS profile.

4. Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization as the profile will be reviewed by Hiring Managers.

5. Know your exact Cumulative Grade Point Average.

6. Save and submit your profile.

7. Once you have successfully completed STARS, you will receive a confirmation email with your candidate reference number. Keep this in a safe place as you may need to reference it at some point.

8. Use the help button if you need assistance in filling out your profile.
In all there will be more than 40 positions available this summer, so your chances are pretty strong. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Promise Internship Opportunities — Summer 2015

  1. I did all of the requirements as far as filling out the star profile and submitting my cover letter and resume. do i search for job openings on the star profile or just leave it as is? Also, is it okay to email the director of the program my cover letter and resume for the internship myself?

    • Hi Jessica,

      We will soon have a survey for Scholars to express their particular interests once the positions are all posted here and then Promise will work with the Yale Initiative as well as other entities.

      We will be in touch soon regarding that next step. Thanks for signing up!!

  2. Hello, I have a question about the STARS profile. I have actually made one before, and the website did not allow me to make a new account with my credentials. Will it be alright if I use my old STARS account? If you could please let me know, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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